Dry Ice Blasting for 7FA Generator stator & Rotor,
August 30, 2018

Sand Blasting for Steam turbine

Site- Saudi Electricity Company –Power Plant Grayyah

Customer : Dar Al Balad

Project : Sand Blasting

Site : Qarrayya

Location : Damman

Date Of Completion : 25-10-2020

Turbine blasting is a specialized blasting procedure. The work is done in the confinement of a tent equipped with a vacuum system, providing a dust free environment. This system protects the surrounding area and equipment from any contamination. It also allows work to continue in adjacent areas. We blast in a fully contained environment.

Removing scale and deposits from the turbine components by means of gritblasting, prepares the unit for non-destructive testing purposes and allows the turbine to return to optimum efficiency. Our on-site services are performed on the turbine deck, eliminating the expense of shipping the components off-site or to the manufacturer, providing savings to our customers.

Burt Cummings created and is the originator of the contained blast cleaning procedures that are still being used today by power plants and turbine maintenance companies because his design allows for the most efficient blast cleaning process.

Pme has performed turbine cleaning services at secl power plants. Our trained technicians has been trained to perform specialized blasting procedures specified by standards, General Electric and all turbine manufactures. Gritblasting is used to clean trepan areas, steam chest and stop control valves.

We also perform bore blasting or hollow blasting of the generator field and turbine rotor bores. Vacuum blasting is used on horizontal joints, flanges and valves seats and piping. Glass bead and steel shot are specialized procedures used when requested by customers.

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