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Industrial Cleaning

Sand Blasting, Industrial and Protective coating

Sandblasting is one of the most effective ways to remove graffiti, dirt, grime, paint or rust From a variety of surfaces. It can be used for cleaning and refurbishing anything from commercial, industrial and domestic buildings to cars and smaller individual items. Sandblasting can be used to remove old paint and rust off all sorts of metal objects from radiators, gates, railings to classic car and bike components.

  • -Blasting services include:
  • -Sand Blasting
  • -Glass beads Blasting
  • -Grit Blasting
  • -Soda Blasting
  • -Aluminimum oxide Blasting
  • -Dust-free Captive Blasting

Painted surfaces can be quickly cleaned away saving time and Effort. Abrasive blasting is not limited in its use and has many Applications to which it can be used with great effect.

Coating & Painting

PMExperts has been offering Comprehensive Repair, Protection, Prevention and Surface Maintenance /Protective Coating Solutions, with the flexibility to respond swiftly and positively to any customer requirements with high level of responsibility. PMExperts is one of the premiere providers of protective coating services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and our clients enjoy the benefits of dependable performance, Quality and Safety. With our Mobile Blasting Units and Coating Units , we can travel anywhere to complete the job and In-House we have space for your Blasting & Coating requirements. Banking on the successful performance on past jobs, combined with our substantial experience and resources, enables us to confidently meet the requirements of any prospective client, no matter how demanding or complex their Projects may be. Rely on us to protect your Assets with our reasonably priced, high-quality solutions with demonstrated performance, experience and resources to complete the job.

Surface Preparation

PME has the resources to address your surface preparation requirements. We utilize coal slag Garnet, Aluminums oxide, glass beads abrasive blasting, pressure and chemical cleaning, power and mechanical methods of surface preparation. In a constantly changing regulatory environment and with new technologies emerging, you can count on PME’s experience to ensure your surface preparation project is performed accurately and safely.

We understand that every client's needs are different and we can tailor a solution to your surface preparation challenge. Plus, we'll bring the expertise to provide the latest environmentally friendly methods to accomplish your objective.


When applying paint and coatings, PME adheres to the recommendations of the coating specification and product datasheets. Air and surface temperatures shall be within the limits set by the manufacturer for the coatings being applied and work areas shall be relatively free of air-born dust at the time of application and while coating is drying.

PME is a recognized industry leader in the application of industrial protective coatings. From structural steel and piping in house to manufacturing facilities, chemical plants and refineries, in your factory or at our location, we have distinguished ourselves as a progressive company with the resources to handle any size job. When it comes to industrial painting, coating requirements, new construction capital projects or routine maintenance, PME General Contracting Establishment is your preferred partner. Your long term assets are valuable and protecting them is our top priority.

Major adding value to our company is the labor force and resources to perform client projects driven by schedule, budget, experience, technology, economies of scale or project specific parameters. Give us your challenge and we will help you develop a solution

Types of industrial coatings applied:

  • Epoxy Coating

  • Polyurethane Coating

  • Inorganic Coating

  • Acrylic Coating

  • Direct to metal

  • Dry fall

  • Safety / Identification Color Coding

  • Tanks & Silos Painting

  • Mechinery Painting

  • Abrasion Coatings

    Our capabilities in Tank lining and coating services include coating inspection, surface preparation, lining application and site maintenance programs. Floor resurfacing, refinishing, repair, and sealing services are also offered. Serves the food and beverage, aerospace, automotive, commercial, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, packaging, and electronics and telecommunications industries.

    We are the fastest expanding and successfully engaged in Plant & Machinery Painting Services. Our machinery painting personnel dedicated to preserving the life of your plant equipment with finest quality paints and long lasting coatings. The use of proper coating techniques on crucial machine parts will help to prevent corrosion and maximize the life span of your industrial equipment.