PME Wireless Solutions

PME Wireless Solutions (PMEWS) offers a range of mobile and GSM communications products and services essential to service providers' needs in the communications industry.

Our Products:

PMEWS offers products and services to the wireless mobile and GSM communications market sector, primarily offering RF feeder & optical cables along with their range of accessories, covering products of active and passive solutions and devices. PMEWS offers designing, implementation and installation services together with operations & maintenance of clients' data centers and cell sites, as well as other technical facilities.

The fact that the products and brands offered by PMEWS are approved by its respective end-users gives confidence to the contractors when installing these items at their cell-sites.
PMEWS is a supplier of feeder cables, optical fibers and their complete accessories along with related new products for the wireless communications industry/telecom sector in Saudi Arabia.

PMEWS Customers in KSA:

Presently in KSA we have three main players via. STC, Mobily and Zain in GSM/ wireless sector. Besides these, we have Atheeb and ITC too in fixed line and WiMax sector. These service providers are creating their infrastructure deployment directly and through Contractors. In KSA we have many such Contractors e.g. Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Alcatel Lucent, Huawei Technologies, ZTE (HK) Ltd, Samsung. Bravo (PTC) & NASCO (Motorola) too are major players for government's communication sector projects.

KEY FEATURES of PME Wireless Solutions:

Caters to the basic infrastructure development needs of wireless mobile service providers and their contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by supplying Telecom Installation (TI) materials.

With its wide portfolio starting from major items such as communication cables, to antennas along with their accessories, PMEWS offers both active and passive solutions from renowned manufactures of these items from around the world to its esteemed patrons.

PMEWS organizes on-site training to end-users with the support of its partners for new products or techniques on client's request.

PMEWS distinguishes itself through first-rate capabilities in material deliveries.