PME Saudi Dry Ice

PME Saudi Dry Ice (PMESDI), a subsidiary of Plant Maintenance Experts, is a provider of dry ice blasting services and systems to a wide range of industries in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain that require an environmentally safe and effective cleaning alternative.

PMESDI's services include: 

Cleaning Services by Dry Ice Blasting:
Cleaning machinery, electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, surfaces.
Removing coatings such as adhesives, varnish, oil, grease, coal dust, soot, mold, release agents and bitumen.
Compared to other blasting cleaning methods (i.e. sand, glass beads, walnut shells, steam and Solvents), dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, nontoxic, non-electrically conductive, produces zero waste, and keeps an excellent performance.

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment and Accessories:
Light Duty Dry Ice Blasting Machines
Evolution Line dry ice blasting machines
Complete Dry Ice Blasting Systems
Insulated dry ice containers

Dry Ice Production Equipment:
PSDI supplies a whole range of pelletizers as well as dry ice block makers and reformers

Dry Ice Supply:
3mm dry ice pellets
16mm dry ice pellets


Blasting Cleaning Technique Waste for Disposal Abrasive Toxic Electrically Conductive Performance Comparison
Dry Ice No No No No Excellent
Sand Yes Yes No* No Ok
Glass Beads Yes Yes No* No Ok
Walnut Shells Yes Yes No* No Limited
Steam No No No Yes Poor
Solvents Yes No Yes Yes Limited


Each of these blast cleaning materials becomes contaminated upon contact if used to clean hazardous objects. When that happens, these materials are then classified as toxic waste requiring safe disposal.